K5JF CW Trainer

Q Signals


   What’s your station name? The name of my station is ___

   What’s my exact frequency? Your exact frequency is ___ kHz

   Is my frequency varying? Your frequency is varying.

   How’s my transmission tone? Your transmission tone is ___ (1-Good, 2-Variable, or 3-Bad)

   Are you receiving me badly? I can’t receive you, you have a weak signal

   What’s the clarity of my signal? The clarity of your signal is ___ (1-Bad, 2-Poor, 3-Fair, 4-Good, or 5-Excellent)

   Are you busy? I’m busy, please don’t reach out to me now

   Is my transmission being interfered with? Your transmission is being interfered with ___ (1-Nil, 2-Slightly, 3-Moderately, 4-Severely, or 5- Extremely)

   Are you experiencing static? I’m experiencing static ___ (1-Nil, 2-Slightly, 3-Moderately, 4-Severely, or 5- Extremely)

   Shall I increase power? Increase power

   Shall I decrease power? decrease power

   Shall I send faster? Send faster (___ WPM).

   Shall I send more slowly? Send more slowly (___ WPM).

   Shall I stop sending? Stop sending.

   Do you have anything for me? I don’t have anything for you.

   Are you ready? I’m ready.

   Shall I tell ___ that you’re calling? Please tell ___ that I’m calling.

   When will you call me again? I’ll call you at ___ hours.

   Who’s calling me? You’re being called by ___.

   Shall I decrease power? decrease power

   What’s my signal strength? Your signal strength is ___ (1-Scarcely Perceptible, 2-Weak, 3-Fairly Good, 4-Good, or 5-Very Good).

   Are my signals fading? Your signals are fading.

   Is my keying defective? Your keying is defective.

   Shall I send ___ messages at a time? Send ___ messages at a time.

   Can you hear me between your signals and, if so, may I break in on your transmission? I can hear you between my signals, break in on my transmission.

   Can you acknowledge receipt? I’m acknowledging receipt.

   Shall I repeat the last message I sent you? Repeat the last message.

   Did you hear me on ___ kHz? I heard you on ___ kHz.

   Can you communicate with ___ direct or by relay? I can communicate with ___ direct (or by relay through ___

   Will you relay to ___? I’ll relay to ___.

   Do you want me to repeat my call? Please repeat your call.

   What working frequency will you use? I’ll use the working frequency ___ kHz or Hz.

   Here’s a broadcast message to all amateurs.

   Shall I send or reply on this frequency? Send a series of Vs on this frequency.

   Will you send on this frequency? I’m going to send on this frequency.

   Will you listen to call sign(s) on kHz or Hz? I’m listening to call sign(s) on kHz or Hz.

   Shall I change to another frequency? Change to another frequency.

   Shall I send each word or group more than once? Send each word or group twice (or ___ times).

   Shall I cancel message number ___? Cancel message number ___.

   How many messages do you have to send? I have ___ messages to send to you.

   QTH: What’s your location? My location is ___.

   What’s the correct time? The correct time is ___.